We always like hearing the great positive comments from Members about how our Instructors, Trainers and Coaches make a difference in their lives. Here is a selection of recent recommendations. We encourage you to give us your testimonial.

About Lori Flower, Yoga Instructor
“She brings such a reverence to her teaching, such respect. She has a unique awareness of her students and their needs. She is unique and we are fortunate to have her.”
-Kathy Perreault, Montpelier

“I followed her here from the Montpelier Senior Center. I checked the list of instructors first and when I saw her name, I signed up. She helps to modify her classes for all levels. I’m a beginner but others are intermediates... she makes her classes work for all of us. Plus I love the music she selects.”
-Mona Hersey, Montpelier

About Colin Wales, Personal Trainer
“I have MS and Colin has been a huge help with my balance, way more than any PT I’ve tried. I’ve been working with him for two years. He knows his muscles and how they work together. I’m a big fan.”
-Michael Friedman, Montpelier

“I wasn’t able to do squats, and Colin works with injuries. He knows it’s not just my knees, it’s all the other muscles, as well. I said I would work with him for one or two months - this is my fourth month!”
-Angie Buckley, Montpelier, Member since 2003

About Angie Scott, Spinning®, Group EX and Personal Training
“She has a quiet strength and elegance. She is great at creating community in the class through her enthusiasm and humor. She is a leader of the class and a participant in it. She is one of us. That makes things fun.”
-Meg Dawkins, Montpelier

About Scott Barker, Tennis Pro
“He is so personable. He helps me with everything and he will make me keep at it until I get it right. And he makes me laugh with his contagious laugh. I’ve been working on my serve for five years and he is so patient.”
-Caitlyn Bashara, Montpelier, Member for 5 years

About Megan Sheldon and Zumba®
“I am an amputee and Megan really encouraged me to regain my balance. She is amazing. Not only is she our instructor, she is our friend.”
-Lisa Torres, Waterbury, Member for 1 year

“In Zumba there is no judgment. It works for all ages and abilities. No one is expecting you to be perfect. All you have to do is move.”
-Julie Tucker, East Montpelier, Member for 5 years.

About Mike Rossi and Extreme Workout
“...I feel like I get a full body workout! It gets every muscle group and aerobics. There is no way I would push myself this hard on my own.”
-Bob Barrett

“I can tell you why I come to this class in two words: Mike Rossi. He is buoyant and energetic and joyous. He encourages you to push to your limits, but he knows when you are trying too hard and paces you.”
-Bill Pelton, Member for 20 years.

About Linda Freeman’s Spinning® Class
“This is a great community of people. We are all good friends. We go on long rides together in the summer. Linda really knows the psychology of spinning. She Focuses on technique and purpose. It is not just spinning our wheels.”
-Ellie Stubbs, Calais, Member for 4 years

“I have formed lifelong friends in this class. We ride 50 miles together in the summer and it’s all because of this class. We spin together and eat and drink together. A group of us are going out tonight. And it’s all because of Linda. She’s our ringleader. She does a wonderful job.”
-Scott Hess, East Montpelier

About Denise Ricker's Body Bar class
“It is a great way to get a strength workout. It keeps me strong for other activities. I do some Nautilus work but I’m not as disciplined with those. There is so much variety in the class which is why I’ve been doing it for several years twice a week. Denise knows about safety in strength training; if we are not doing it right, she shows us the correct way. I always feel safe. And she has such high energy.”
-Patty Turley, Montpelier, Member for 24 years