Tennis Camps

Tennis Camps Brochure

Scott Barker, USPTA Tennis Pro, will be leading Tennis Camps for Adults and Juniors from October through March. The camps will be taught using The Zone of Proximal Development concept created by Lev Vygotsky*.

The Zone of Proximal Development concept is where a player is coached by an instructor at a superior level of play. That instructor teaches the player new techniques and helps him hone those techniques to become a better player. The key is for the instructor to keep the skills attainable and above the players current level of play and not have the skills be too complex.

*Lev Vygotsky (1896-1934) developed the concept of the Zone of Proximal Development. This is similar the concept of “Deliberate Practice”, researched and studied by Andors Ericsson (2007). Ericsson studied performers, athletes, and medical students, noted how improvement occurred when the practice deliberately addressed the skills that needed improvement, rather than only practice skills that were already performed with competence.